Orgelbyggare Tomas Svenske AB
Orgelbyggare Tomas Svenske AB is a small family business. Our main emphasis in organ building is the restoration of older organs.

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In the Swedish historic organ landscape, there are still many organs preserved which have been built in various period styles. These organs have been produced both by amateur and professional builders. Each organbuilder has left his mark on each work, and it is important that these special characteristics are preserved.

Fröslunda Church, Uppland. Specification
Photo: Tomas Svenske.
Orgelbyggare Tomas Svenske AB aims to capture the complete perspective of every restoration. Archival research and investigation provides valuable clues for the recreation of missing organ parts. Repair of damaged parts is performed with respect for the original material. Damaged wood is replaced with wood of the same age. The crafting of the new parts is performed at our own workshop with the same working methods as the old masters previously used. We reconstruct missing pipes in our own shop with hand-planed pipe metal.
The organ at Fröslunda Church. From the rear side can be seen the reconstructed Scharff, which includes a tierce. It is made according to old methods, with hand-planed pipe metal, modeled on the preserved pipes from Stråhle. Specification
Photo: Tomas Svenske.
Orgelbyggare Tomas Svenske AB is of course happy to do normal maintenance on modern organs, but the primary focus is restoration of older instruments.
The Fröslunda organ before the 1738 rebuild
The Organ at Teda Church, Uppland
Specification etc.
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