Ulf Oldæus Architect SAR
Sande kirke. Drawing for the new organ, Ryde & Berg Orgelbyggeri A/S
I am an architect, educated at the Royal Technical University (KTH) in Stockholm, graduated in 1976. In 1962 I received the Primary Church Music Diploma in Uppsala. I entered the field of architecture in the employment of church architect Rolf Bergh in 1970 and worked for organbuilders Åkerman & Lund from 1973-74, after which I worked for architect Tore Virke from 1974-84 with the Church of Sweden as main customer. In 1978 I founded my own small business designing organs, an activity I had pursued since my first employment.

* * *

Approximately 90% of my current production is related to organs, the remainder consisting of interior design of churches, often in conjunction with an organ project. My primary employers have been the Church of Sweden as well as Ryde & Berg Orgelbyggeri, in Fredriksstad, Norway. I have worked together with most of the Swedish organbuilders and several of the larger Danish companies. As of this moment I have designed about 115 organs in Sweden and Norway, of which 88 have been built.

* * *

My business activities include consultation and documentation of organs in preparation for restoration, enlargement, and maintenance as well as reconstruction of organs and organ facades. Since 1987 I am the chairman of the Society of Swedish Organbuilders.

Åsane Church, Bergen
Ulf Oldæus

Rörstrandsgatan 32
SE-113 40  Stockholm
+46 8 343406, +46 8 6687199
E-mail: ulf.oldaeus@telia.com

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