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Thomas Hansson
Anders Sällström
The Organ at Hammenhög Church, Inaugurated in March 2003. Specification
The original company was founded in 1909 by Anders Mårtensson as a continuation of D. Hansson's Piano Factory in Lund, and was expanded to include even church organs. In 1917 the company bought a property in Lund on Bredgatan 36 which has served as the business address since that time. From the middle of the 1950's to the early 1970's the company was owned and operated by the brothers Gunnar, Gösta and Helge Mårtensson, thereafter the grandson Göran Mårtensson took over the responsibility until the year 2001. The first new instrument was delivered to Giresta in 1914. Production of pianos was discontinued at the end of the 1920's. The first slider windchest was built in 1936 for the Kristdala organ, and in 1953 the first organ with mechanical action. Over the years almost 500 organs have been completed.

We who currently own the firm are Thomas Hansson and Anders Sällström. Our aim is "back to basics." We wish to return to an older period's craftsmanship, although maintaining our modern production techniques as long as they do not compromise quality. Our primary aim is to build organs for the 21st century, but no organ can be built without regard to the older period. The relation between music and other branches of art is essential: "One can indeed break with an older perspective, but one must first understand its content."

Our complete attention is given to a comfortable playing situation for the musician. With this in mind we design our organs with modern 2D and 3D CAD programs. With these means we can improve access and thereby simplify future maintenance. That the construction must be stable is of course a requirement. The final goal, a well-sounding instrument, can only be achieved by conscious effort during all phases of production.
For many years we have been responsible for all forms of maintenance in regard to electrical and pneumatic actions. Regular service, maintenance and renovation comprises a central role in the responsibilities of our company's five employees.
Craftsmanship is crucial on our field. When too many important parts of the organ are simply ordered and installed, the result is a loss in production skills, to the detriment of the design. We will continue to build windchests ourselves. As much as possible, we will produce all other parts. The exceptions are those parts where no particular organ building skills are involved.

Thomas Hansson                Anders Sällström
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