Robert Gustavsson
Orgelbyggeri AB
Robert Gustavsson Orgelbyggeri AB was founded in 1968. The year 1998 marked the firm's 30th anniversary, and during that year the Olof Schwan Organ (1781) in Ängsjö Church was restored and reconstructed. In addition, a new choir organ was installed i Fryksände Church in Torsby as well as a new organ to Terra Nova Church in Visby, which was the firm's 120th organ.
Terra Nova Church , Visby
Our company has specialized in building small and moderately sized organs, and has delivered instruments to all parts of Sweden, as well as over twenty organs to our neighbors in Norway.

We have a close affinity to the historical models from the baroque and from the classical school of Swedish organ building. Traditional materials such as solid pine and oak predominate, and design and choice of finish are derived from historical styles. It follows that our activities also include restoration of older instruments. Regarding the tonal resources, we strive to develop the specifications of small organs so that a modest number of registers can fulfill liturgical and solistic needs with maximal flexibility.
Fryksände Church, Torsby
Robert Gustavsson
Robert Gustavsson Orgelbyggeri AB
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